I will be starting my group sessions soon! 

Healing Sessions are one hour long (30 min session and then 30 min talk) You can schedule 1-3 sessions

The Personal Reconnection is a two-day process (one hour each day).  It is a once in a lifetime process that will continue to unfold and bloom throughout the rest of your life.

Scheduling your Reconnection or Healing Session

Universal Secrets Discovered on Shrooms

This enlightening experience on shrooms occurred in 1992 and I still remember it vividly to this day.   26 years later I finally understand what this vision meant, and live my life by it.  I hope you enjoy it


Question & Answer

Is my higher self out to get me? 0:27
Advice for those starting to wake up. 2:20
Christianity, am I a Christian? 5:43
What happens when we die? 9:40
How come you don't make anymore Mandela Effect videos? 15:30
Laurel & Yanny 17:57
Have you ever taken psychedelics? 20:10


More Q & A on the Frequencies
that are Reconnecting Us and
Healing Our World!


Nothing on this planet can hurt you if...
A memory that popped into my head after reading a part of a book that seemed pretty outrageous at the time.  But why did I remember this story immediately after questioning the validity of what I was reading. 

Most Empowering Words  



I Don't Know


Question & Answer

I'm asked questions about the event, frequencies, conspiracies,
smoking marijuana and some other questions from my subscribers.  I hope you enjoy it.


I'm Going to Earth

A funny story of my oversoul getting their acceptance letter to attend Earth.  Unfortunately the Instructions were not included 🙂

My Best Friend is a Deathwalker

 This is a story about one of my friends waking up to the reality he is, and always has been a healer. 


Sessions with Case

What to Expect

What's the Difference?