These frequencies are raising our vibration and speeding up our awakening

They function outside of space and time and defy our understanding of physics

I believe they are our wake up call!

Distant Mini Session  (30 min)

View video "Mini-Sessions" below

Reconnective Healing

We talk for 15 in and then we have a 15-minute session with the frequencies.  This can be done through distance to anyone around the world.  Whether I'm in a different country or in the same room the frequencies will be the same.

Sessions available:
Monday: 8-10am &  4-6pm 
Wednesday: 7-9am &  3-5pm
Friday: 9-11am & 2-4pm
All times are Central Time Zone

$80 per session.  
You can choose back to back mini sessions for a 30 min session in total.

Full Healing Session (60 min)
View video "What to expect" below

Reconnective Healing Session

We are all connected in this Field of Consciousness so it doesn't matter whether your session is in person or you are in another country.

Total time 60 min. 

(30 min session and 30 min phone conversation)

$150 per session


Personal Reconnection
View video Personal Reconnection Vs Healing below 

The Personal Reconnection is once in a lifetime procedure
that will continue to unfold and bloom throughout the rest of your life.

Two-day process. One hour each day

$333 (Price includes both days)

Must be facilitated in person

Awakening Coach

When you first glimpse the brilliance of your true self you will most likely be blinded by what you see.  Because it can't be true.  You will be tempted to put your blinders back on afraid of being ridiculed and considered crazy by others. 

I'm here to remind you not to put your blinders back.  Thank them for the challenges they brought to you and throw those f*#@ing blinders away.   It's time to step into your own knowing of who you are and why your here.   The only thing keeping you from being the greatest version of yourself is your beliefs.

If you ever need help remembering how to fly. Let’s do this

$111 Hour



Phone USA#: 720-432-5031


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