Distant Mini Session 

Reconnective Healing

A 15-minute distant session with the frequencies
We communicate through email about your experience and answer any questions you might have.

Sessions available:
Monday: 8-10am &  4-6pm 
Wednesday: 7-9am &  3-5pm
Friday: 9-11am & 2-4pm
All times are Central Time Zone

$40 per session.  
You can choose back to back mini sessions for a 30 min session in total.

Full Healing Session 

Reconnective Healing

(In person or distant it’s all the same)

Total time 60 min. 

(30 min session and then 30 min phone conversation)

$120 per session




Personal Reconnection 

One in a lifetime procedure

Two-day process. One hour each day

$333 (Price includes both days)

Must be facilitated in person



Email: case@333reconnect.com

Phone USA#: 720-432-5031

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/everday.masters