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The Upgrade Sessions (15 minute daily group sessions)

If you have watched any of my videos, you’ve probably heard me talk about a new energy/frequency that mankind is, for some reason, able to access now.   I consider these new frequencies a lifeline for these chaotic times we are living in.  A tool from God/Source/The Universe/All that is/ you could say that is bringing us back into balance, healing us on all levels, and speeding up our remembering of who we are and why we are here.  To get really New Age about it, these frequencies are awakening our dormant DNA, and as a result, they are speeding up the evolution of our consciousness.  Once we attune to these frequencies, like we would tune into a specific radio station, we start to heal on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  

By following the breadcrumbs the Universe was laying out for me, I discovered/remembered in 2011 that I am an antenna for these healing frequencies.  Up until 2011, I had never thought of myself as a healer, but the second I felt these frequencies in my hands, I knew I had been waiting my entire life for this moment.  I remembered this is why I am here, to help people heal and awaken.  For the next seven years I facilitated both, in person and remote, one on one sessions.   Helping as many people as I could one on one.  But in January of 2019,  I discovered there was no limit to how many people can participate in a session.  Giving birth to "Group" sessions.

Now, two years later, I have facilitated group sessions everyday, and I now KNOW, these daily group sessions can be just as effective as the personal, one on one, sessions I had been giving.   I call them group sessions but I don't consider them to be “group" sessions.   For example:  If 33 people take part in a “group” session,  I feel like I am actually facilitating 33 individual sessions at the same time.  I know that sounds impossible but I think about these sessions the same way a radio antenna broadcasts music to a variety of cars at the same time.  Basically to whoever is tuned into the station.  That’s what I am, an antenna 🙂

The timing of the daily session will fluctuate day to day varying from 8AM – 11PM MDT.   (Denver, CO) I do this to accommodate the various schedules and time zones of those involved. 

Participating in these “group” sessions is exactly like participating in a personal session.

Ideally, you will want to sit or lie down in a quite comfortable place where you will not be interrupted. If you need to get in your car and drive to a quiet location for privacy, that’s fine also.

I suggest closing your eyes during the session. You don’t need to close your eyes but most likely you will have a more visceral experience if your eyes are closed.

If possible wear comfortable clothing so you can be more present in the experience.

I suggest putting your phone on mute if you don’t need to be somewhere after the session and don’t set an alarm. It is not uncommon for these sessions to last much longer than the designated time frame. You will know when you are done.

The best way to approach these sessions is to just be open to the experience, expect nothing, but know that ANYTHING is possible.

The truth is, just the act of signing up to participate in these sessions can sometimes be enough for things to begin to shift in your life.  I’m not kidding, I hear this all the time from my clients.

The Universe/God/Source knows the moment you reach out for this connection/healing/activation and the Universe/God/Source will respond to your reaching out.

You don't need to lay down or sit down for every session.  You can be at work, running errands, or hanging out with friends, it doesn’t really matter.   As long as you are conscious that a session is taking place, I believe you will benefit from each session. 

For those of you that are feeling drawn to attune to these frequencies, you can sign up below.  I suggest signing up for 1-3 months below.  Everyone in your family who is interested can take part in these daily sessions.  Just let them know the times for the sessions and tell them to lay down and see what happens.  

I'll  be meeting you in the field soon.

Peace and love to you and yours.


If you have already had a session with me and are thinking about scheduling another one,  you might want to check out the daily 15 min sessions instead.  It's up to you 🙂

Are thirty fifteen minute sessions better than one?  I don't know the answer to that question.  Some people prefer a one on one session, while others feel tremendous benefits from the group sessions.   I like them both 🙂  

You might want to try one of my monthly Tune-Up's before signing up for these daily sessions.

Testimonials from the Upgrade Sessions

Hi Case, so good to hear from you! The sessions are going great, they have been so rewarding. Its funny because with meditating I cant seem to fall into a routine with it, but I’ve been looking forward to these sessions everyday for this past month. Sometimes I can’t make the time but I still manage to set aside 15 minutes at some point of my day to just sit and be with myself, it’s been really nice. A few times I’ve had some unexplainable things happen that’s stuck with me. But mostly I know even if nothings taking place physically I still feel as if my garden is being “tended to” so to say lol so thank you:) 
See you in the field! ☮️

Something new happened today. My hands were lifted up as usual, but then the magnetic force pressing against my hands - first the right hand and eventually the left - was so strong that it was like pressing up against a massive wall of force.

And every other time I have known the second the 15 minutes ended because it was like turning off a light switch. This time I felt like I was being told the power isn't going away this time - it will always be there, always ready to manifest whenever needed, and when I finally opened my eyes and looked at the clock, it was 6:21 - and that power is not going away.

I just quit typing to check again - and that massive force is definitely staying!


I’m LOVING these daily sessions, Case. 
Will say more later but just wanted to shoot you a quick email that the shifts & changes have been BONKERS, in good ways 🙂

Hello Case, 

I had a distance RH phone call with you, on June 17th and it was  amazing.
I realized some big wounds related to the male figure in my life during the healing section.
Now, I am on the monthly membership. I can feel the energy when I surrender myself to stillness and a quiet place during the 15 minutes of energy flow and often some download come through during the long distance healing. 
Some downloads are so clear. I can tell/see/feel you are right there next to me. 
It is so interesting: In the beginning- I was receiving the energy. But  now I feel/ I know/ I can see you are teaching or guiding me or us through the process of using the fild/ energy to co-create space for a better life.
What you do is amazing.
God Bless You - and so the-Universe
flows within you.
Wow too much to explain but I’ll try ! felt a wave or spinning in my head Ringing or white noise in my ears Strong smell cross between incense and soap Few sharp pains Saw purple/blue The last Few minutes my dog walked in And laid under the massage table within a couple minutes he jumped up and ran out of the room! What is your take on that?

I’d say that was a really good session! thank you much! Forgot to tell you I did your monthly Saturday and I felt the wave in my head also I’m gonna try to do all the monthlies so remember to send me some extra frequencies LOL.



Hey there Brutha! 😉

Thanks a lot for the schedule and information.  I hadn’t received it from the system.  I’ll be tuned in on most of the upgrades , since I’m usually free til I leave for my day gig at 2pm.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for the Reconnection.  I’ve done a lot of shit over the years - 46 years of meditating at least an hour a day, yogic “flying” via Patanjali’s flying sutras, Reiki, Richard Bartlett’s Matrix Energetics, Access Consciousness, religion, drugs, you name it. . But in all my 71 years on this planet, I have never experienced the depth and Presence of what I felt during our session.  So again I extend my most humble and heartfelt gratitude, and look forward to more meetings with you in The Field.  

🙏🏾  J.M.

This month for me was really over the top emotionally and energetically. So I believe the sessions moved some stuff around. They were useful. But I didn't feel anything. I've been doing energy work for over 20 years with different styles of healing practices so I know when something is happening and when it's not (I hope so, trying not to sound arrogant). Plenty was happening and all of it was right for me.
I've done the monthly tune up you offer and felt very relaxed. I know you are the real thing Case and appreciate you offering your services.
Thanx again, Angela
Blessings Case!
They say a picture is worth a thousand words! This is me after today’s session and I am still going!
Words cannot even describe this....much pure joy!
❤️ Debbie

Hi case i had this wonderful experience again that make me float and cry..i cry alot  but its a good cry i guess.

I opened my eyes at 16.16 .it was magical thanks to you .i have that river thats goes through me again.
Have a nice day xxx
Just a quickie to say thanks for another great session from you on Saturday evening. Though I did not join till there was only 6 minutes left, the effect was wonderful and lasted till the early hours of next day.
Hope to have the money soon for another healing session with you
Till then
Love and gratitude
Hi Case! How are you doing? 

I participated today in the tune-up group session it was incredible, I started to feel the eyes flutter and then I fall sleep like 2 hours I still can feel it I don't know how to explain.


Hi  Case!  I would love to have the text reminder.  That's a great idea as i often forget!n The sessions are getting more and more powerful everytime!  I almost feel "high" during the sessions now.  Its like i've
done a really good drug!   Hahahaha!  
Hi Case!
I hope this message finds you and your family well! I did the monthly tune up with you in April and also in May, and I haven't had debilitating endometriosis pain on my right side since the first tune up! In fact, after the first one, I had weird tickling and twitching in that area for days. It seemed like some kind of energetic surgery. LOL So weird, but so cool! So thank you for the last few months! 🙂 
Hey Case,
So a sum up of my first month of dailys.  I definitely got something out of it.  Hard to explain but it just feels like life is flowing better.  Got to say Somethings that I thought I'd never get to say to someone without a fight.  I feel good, mellow, happy, feel like my connection to things is becoming stronger or clearer not sure how to describe it.  Detaching easier from the craziness of this world.  Things are good life is good.  I do physically feel some sessions others I don't i think it depends on how I connect in(distractions).  But an over all great experience and it will be interesting to see what arises in the coming month.  Whatever it is, it will be perfect.
Thank you for everything!

Hello Case, 

I hope you are well. I am really glad I found your videos on youtube. I enjoy your content and how you share your perspective. Which lead me to try a tune up session back in October last year. Loved it! Followed by the daily sessions a few months later back in march this year. I had some really great sessions highlighted by one where it felt like something pulled my lips up and forced me to smile till i was sore. Had me actually smiling for a quite a few days after. Going "what the hell was that"? Helping me realize there is a whole lot more going on than I can even imagine.
Hi Case!  Thanks.  I'm looking forward to the sessions.  I really enjoy them!  It seems that my "connection" to source is getting stronger and stronger.  I still have body twitches when i join the sessions and i've also noticed lately that i'm having the same twitches when i meditate without the sessions.  This never used to happen.  All i have to do is start to pray or just "talk" with source and quiet my mind and i start to have the body twitches.  I also feel a sense of going deeper and deeper very quickly.  Its really cool!  I'm loving it!
Thanks for doing what you do!  See you in the field 🙏

Namasté Magnificent Case,

How are You? How is your Magnificent Family doing? 
Oh my goodness what a time to be Alive!  I'm at a loss as to how we are already in June when the year just started.. 
With each passing day Case, I feel more at ease, more chilled, more compassionate and most importantly more Loving towards everything that surrounds me  (Thank You) 
I take my line of work very seriously and like you my Dearest Brother, I Heal the People Where and When I Can. 
I'm funnelling my energy into all the medicine's I create, Pure loving healing energy, and together with Gaia / Source give the people another chance at life.  Healing a stage 4 cancer patient is always Humbling AF. 
What you've done for Me personally though has been nothing short of Life changing. Yes, I had plenty of work to do myself once you busted all the shit out of the way, but without you changing and upgrading my frequency, I would've drowned energetically. 
Every time we have a session, I FEEL High like a Kite, like maybe the come up to Mushrooms. It's Super Powerful, I begin to shake, go really cold and become super giddy. 
When the session finishes, new things that need to be cleared or Healed will pop in to my awareness. 
This makes this process super easy bro as you Know exactly what it is you need to release to free yourself from the bag of shit. 
2 weeks have passed, no talking or chatter, no negative narrative, nudda zilch zero!
The thought to let EGO go came after a session and the latest video you created.   People who take your sessions need to combine with the Videos you also create to bring it all together. When you have both, it's like you have the Empowerment and Wisdom to take on anything.
I cannot Thank You Enough for what you do you for this world (all the fellow Brothers and Sister's and Me)
I Love You Brother Case and Send You and Your Magnificent Family all our Love. 
N & R
Hey case ..i still wanna be a member of your group..i just can get enough of this.   You dont know how much you helped me through this.  And now i am so aware of who we are never felt so connected to everyone.  I wished the reconnection  would come to paris orso but nearby was zagreb but just yesterday i watched for this one experience again and suddenly paris was there in november hopefully this shit is over so i can do this myself too.i do it all day but i want everybody too know this life of peace and love and magical things.
Case your experiment rules!! 
I feel strongly connected too you and what you stand for.
Happy were family
Have a nice from europe
I am enjoying these sessions a lot! Sometimes I feel the energy come in quite strongly- it is gentle energy, but I am very aware of it. It feels soothing to me...calming, which I really appreciate. Feels like oneness.....ahhhhh.
You are so kind to include me in this! Today's session was especially needed as things felt very chaotic prior to it.
much appreciation & love,
S. W.

Hey Case 🙂

I have never been the type of person to email someone I have never met outside of business purposes so this is a bit weird for me. I wanted to be added to your text reminders but also felt I should tell you how your upgrade sessions are helping.
I appreciate the positive vibes you've been sending out. Some days I can feel something and some days I don't. BUT no matter what, things are always working out for me. 
I can feel that my life challenges are stronger and much more emotional, still, I am able to relax, let it go and take care of things instead of getting all worked up.
You are helping so many people connect on another level. Nevermind that negative letter from that person that isn't getting it. He/she can't get to the place we're going from the road that he/she is on. You can't save everyone.  
I look forward to your next video. I like your relaxed conversational style. Oh and I love that intro/outro song! Please share the name of the song and the band and of course I'd like to be added to your text list. 
Keep up the positivity!
Amy Lagrove (Canadian)