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The Upgrade Group.... What happens if you do it EVERYDAY 🙂

I have been a Reconnective Healing practitioner since 2012.   As you probably already know during the first seven years of my practice I only offered one on one sessions, both in person and distance sessions.   I believed that one on one sessions were the only way to attune others to these healing frequencies.   But thankfully, in January of 2019,  I discovered there is no limit to how many people I can give a session to at one time.

Since this "discovery" I have facilitated over one hundred group sessions, and from the emails, comments and testimonials during last year, I know these “Group Sessions” can be as effective as one on one sessions.   I call them group sessions but I don't consider them group sessions the way one might think.   For example:  If thirty three people take part in a “group session”,  I feel like I am really giving thirty three individual sessions that are occurring at the same time.  The same way a radio antenna broadcasts music to anyone who is tuned into the station.  

So starting in February I have decided to facilitate a 15 min group session everyday this year.   The time of each daily session will fluctuate throughout the day.  Varying from 8AM – 11PM EST.   You can participate in as many sessions as you want to.  You do not NEED to lay down or sit down for each session.  You can be at work, running errands it doesn’t really matter.   If you are conscious that a session is taking place I believe you will benefit greatly from each session with these frequencies  that scientists are telling us are healing ourselves and our world.   

For those of you that are feeling drawn to attune to these frequencies you can sign up below.  I suggest signing up for 1-3 months and expect the unexpected.