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MY PRACTICE:  I was drawn to these frequencies like Richard Dreyfus was to the rock tower in the movie "Close encounters of the third kind".  Within one year I had opened an office in Boulder CO, was mentoring other practitioners, and became one of only a handful of practitioners to be asked to join the International Teaching staff for The Reconnection.  I have no doubt I was born to channel these frequencies 🙂  Over the last few years while traveling the world teaching and attuning others to these frequencies I have been blessed to witness the seemingly impossible time and time again.  It has forever changed who I am.

In 2015 I trusted my instinct and shut down my office in Boulder CO to travel the world with my wife, three children, and three dogs.  We are currently living in the Yucatan of Mexico and the only thing I miss about the States is fast internet and     

While in Boulder I would say 90% of my sessions were in-person and only 10% were distant sessions.  But since heading out on our adventure my practice has shifted 180 degrees.  Now, 90% of my sessions are distant sessions.  Everday I am literally connecting with people from all around the world.  I might have facilitated as many distance sessions as anyone in the world.  

It is one thing to experience these frequencies in person but to experience them from the other side of the world can be very mind-expanding, to say the least.   When a person experiences a session from 10,000 miles away and realizes it was just as effective as an in-person session, they can no longer deny we are somehow all connected through this field of consciousness.


MY BACKGROUND:  I have always allowed my highest excitement to guide me through life which has led to a very eclectic resume.  Looking back on my various careers though I find it interesting how each one of them was ironically the perfect training for me to become the Healer/Teacher I am today.

For instance, I was a professional golfer from the age of 18 to 25.  Being a professional athlete taught me many things about myself but the skill I still use daily and that has helped me in my current profession is the ability to be completely present.  To be in the moment.  As I am sure you know once you are present, the mind quiets down and you are at one with whatever you are doing.  In sports, they refer to this state as being in the zone.   But as a healer, I call this state an open channel.

When golf had lost its thrill for me I enrolled in college at the age of 25 and ended up with two degrees.  One in Philosophy and one in Visual Arts (Sculpture), the only two subjects that truly excited me.  These degrees were not really the qualifications most employers are looking for, which was fine by me because I had no interest in working for others.  Philosophy always resonated with me because I always enjoyed asking the deeper questions about life and Art because I enjoyed expressing my thoughts through another medium besides words.  

After college, my wife and I moved to NYC so I could pursue a career as an artist.  Looking back now I am amazed we moved to NYC with less than $2000 to our name and didn't know anyone living in NYC.  Once in NYC I quickly realized I needed to pay some bills so I took a job as a carpenter.  After a year working for others renovating lofts and businesses, I decided to start my own renovation business with a good friend of mine, and from day one we were offered a steady stream of good-paying jobs.  After three years of growing the business, I came up with the idea for my first invention.

Getting my own invention to the market quickly became my highest excitement, so I quit the renovation business and invested all of my time and money into starting my own company to manufacture, market and distribute my new invention.

Although I never got rich selling my products I had plenty of time to pursue what has always been my highest excitement. Answering the big questions in life.

After what seemed like a lifetime of traveling down various rabbit holes, I believed I was starting to understand how our reality actually operates.  I felt like I was awakened but I could not see or imagine what was getting ready to happen.

Then in 2011 I was drawn to these frequencies and something very profound happened to me.  The veil began to pull back and a new level of consciousness  came into my life.  One so profound that I would have never thought anything like this was possible.

I began to remember who I am and why I am on this planet.  I started to make decisions with my heart first and then my rational mind, instead of the other way around. Because when I made decisions the other way around the rational mind.  The rational mind is crucial to life but man, can it crush your dreams if you allow it to control your decisions.  But as soon as I started to realize my instinct was a sort of communication with the higher aspect of myself,  I started to have daily experiences that defied all rational thought.  And the more I trusted my heart and instinct the more these synchronicities were occurring in my life. Finally, I stepped into a knowing that does not waiver. I no longer have the nagging doubt that had always kept me from being the greatest version of me I could be.

As my inner knowing grew, my experiences of the world changed to match my inner beliefs and the belief we are creating our lives took on a completely different meaning.  I realized holy shit, we are literally creating our lives and I have never felt like a victim since that moment.

I began seeing layers of meanings and lessons in all of my everyday experiences.  I could have a life-changing revelation just from riding my bike with my kids or simply doing the dishes.  I realized everyday moments were containing vital lessons for my continuing evolution of my consciousness.

I quit second guessing every decision I made.  I trusted myself completely and quit worrying about making the wrong choice and the need to control my life dissolved.

I have no idea what the future holds in store for me but I am excited to see how it plays out. 

Peace and love