(15 min)

How do I participate?

A couple of minutes before the scheduled time, you will want to find a comfortable place to sit or lay down where you will not be interrupted. I suggest closing your eyes during the session. You will most likely have a more visceral experience if your eyes are closed. You will want to place your awareness on your body and be aware of any unusual sensations you might have. Just be open to the experience, expect nothing, but know... ANYTHING is possible. It might help you to connect if you imagine I am standing right beside you with my hands near your head or over your heart. Because that's what I will be imagining during the session.

Where do I login?

You can access the schedule for these daily sessions when you log in on my site. The login button is in the top right of my home page. As far as logging in to connect to these frequencies during the session… You’re already logged in; we are all connected at all times. I hope after you participate in these sessions, you will never question how connected we all are.

If you don’t know where I am how will this work?

I don’t need to know where you are in the world for you to participate. God/Source/The Universe knows where you are and why you are participating.

What are we reconnecting to?

I've made several videos explaining what I think we are connecting to. I could spend hours talking about it, but to keep it short, we are reconnecting with our true self, our higher self, our multi-dimensional self. I believe these frequencies are awakening our dormant DNA and reconnecting us with the wisdom we have gained through all our lives on earth, as well as our lives we have lived in other existences. If this sounds too 'woo-woo' for you, just know these frequencies/sessions are bringing you back into balance on all levels spiritually, physically, and mentally. They are repairing the glitchy connection we have with our higher self, and you will begin to know what choices are best for you in your life. You are already receiving guidance from your higher self, but we have fallen so far out of alignment with our true self that the guidance is muddled. These sessions will raise the volume of your inner guidance and quiet the monkey mind, which causes us to question everything we already know.

Are there daily videos that I need to watch?

These sessions are not daily videos that you need to watch. 


How much should I donate to participate?

Choose the option that best fits your budget to participate in these daily sessions. All options include the monthly schedule for the daily sessions.

How many should you participate in each month?

It depends on how you're feeling.  I suggest you consciously participate in as many as you can,  but
laying down in a quiet place, and fully investing
into the experience, I think 3-5 a month should be plenty. 

This is the video that started it all

Shooting this video was the exact moment my higher-self seeded this idea, to start facilitating group sessions.  Just read the comments, there are over twelve hundred comments from people about their experience during my first group experiment.

Not sure? Try one of my Monthly Tune-Up session.

Participate in one of my monthly tune-up sessions and see what happens.  
You're here, reading this for a reason.