After twelve years of doing this amazing work I know how one session can have a profound healing in someone's life.  

But, I also know that many of us spend our days surrounded by people who are drowning in fear, clueless to their own divinity, ignorant to how they're creating their own lives, and blaming everyone but themselves for their struggles.

These non-stop low frequency interactions with others can slowly lower our frequency, and like water, that slowly erodes a stone, our frequency eventually lowers and we begin to question our own divinity, our purpose, and worth.  Especially with the relentless fear mongering and uncertainty we see in the world.

I believe these sessions will be the spark you need to reconnect with your higher self, to remember who you are, and to walk through these intense and uncertain times with an inner peace and joy you never thought possible. 

So, if you are OK with letting go of specific outcomes, buckle up and let's see what the Universe/God/Source has in store for you 🙂

Funny Video for My Daily Sessions

How many should you participate in each month?

It depends on how you're feeling.  I suggest you consciously participate in as many as you can,  but
laying down in a quiet place, and fully investing
into the experience, I think 3-5 a month should be plenty. 

This is the video that started it all

Shooting this video was the exact moment my higher-self seeded this idea, to start facilitating group sessions.  Just read the comments, there are over twelve hundred comments from people about their experience during my first group experiment.

Not sure? Try one of my Monthly Tune-Up session.

Participate in one of my monthly tune-up sessions and see what happens.  
You're here, reading this for a reason.