The Frequencies that are Healing our World

After eleven years of doing this amazing work, I’ve learned to place no limits on what is possible during these sessions and neither should you.

Something very real is happening when we attune to these frequencies. Something I consider miraculous, and I feel blessed and humbled to serve as an antenna for anyone reaching out for this activation/healing/reconnecting.

For some of you, these sessions will feel like a turbo booster to your already awakening consciousness. Some will start to heal in profound ways they never imagined possible, while others will simply experience a nice relaxing sensation, maybe feel lighter, more invigorated, and even feel more at peace within themselves.

I can’t predict what you will experience during a session, nor can I predict what type of healing, if any, will unfold in your life afterward. But over the years I have learned to accept that people receive what they need to receive during these sessions. So if you are OK with that, then I look forward to meeting you in the field and let’s see what happens.

Science done on Reconnective Healing 

A new science is emerging that is changing out traditional understanding of health and healing. The latest scientific research is focusing on experiments that seek to quantify the effects of a newly accessible comprehensive spectrum of energy, light and information on human beings. Researchers refer to this new healing spectrum today as The Reconnective Healing Spectrum.

Leading the way in this research is an international team of world-renowned scientists including such research luminaries as William Tiller, PhD, Gary Schwartz, PhD, and Konstantin Korotkov, PhD, with their studies of the Reconnective Healing frequencies, first discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl. The powerful and profound results of this research, to be published later this year, are attracting the attention of the best and brightest in the scientific community.

Dr. Tiller, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, author of eight books, 250 white papers and one of the co-star in the film What The Bleep do we know, has been researching how the physical properties of the rooms where the Reconnective Healing training programs take place.

Dr. Tiller’s started his research on the Reconnective Healing frequencies in 2006 for at one of Dr. Eric Pearl’s training programs in Sedona, AZ.  Dr. Tiller found the results so extraordinary that he decided to repeat the same study at three more training programs during the next couple of years, twice in Los Angeles, and once in Tucson AZ.  He needed to confirm that his extraordinary findings were accurate. The results from his research have the medical community quite baffled to say the least.

Dr. Tiller explains that although the traditional energy healing techniques like Reiki utilize electromagnetic energy. Reconnective Healing frequencies function “at a higher level… of magneto electric energy,” up to a “higher dimensional level.”

What happens when people interact with the Reconnective Healing frequencies?  Dr. Tiller states, “What is happening is that many kinds of energy and light are flowing through the healer and into the client,” well beyond what we have been able to access before. In other words, the Reconnective Healing frequencies go “beyond just what has been classically known as energy healing into a broader spectrum of energy, light and information,” a spectrum that scientist are telling us we have not been able to access until now.

Dr. Tiller’s research also shows that this new spectrum of healing frequencies accessed through Reconnective Healing actually increases what science calls “excess free thermodynamic energy,” something released or produced, to a small degree, with energy healing.

Dr. Tiller explained that there was such an increase of excess free thermodynamic energy in the Reconnective Healing seminar room that, if this were simply the energy we find in “energy healing” or energy healing “techniques,” the temperature of the room would have had to have increased by 300 degrees centigrade (!) to attain healing results even close to this. With Reconnective Healing, while the actual room temperature does not change, the amount of energy, light and information charging the room does, palpably and dramatically. In Dr. Tiller’s words,

“As we continued to monitor that space, we found two days later the increase in this effective energy content was huge. [If we ask] ‘What is the effective temperature increase for that normal space, how much must it go up to give the same excess energy content as was in Eric’s workshop two days after he started?  [The answer is] The effective temperature increase for a normal space would have been 300 degrees centigrade!’ That is huge.”

These findings are highly significant. In offering insight into how people are changed after learning or interacting with Reconnective Healing, Dr. Tiller continues,

“This shift of energy is what allows normal human beings to enter a room and later to walk out with an ability to heal others and themselves, regardless of their background or education.”

In another research study, Dr. Gary Schwartz, along with Drs. Melinda Connor and Ann Baldwin from the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at The University of Arizona, focused their research on the people who attend Reconnective Healing seminars.

Dr. Schwartz and his colleagues conducted their “baseline energy healing” studies both at Dr. Schwarz’s lab at the University of Arizona and at Reconnective Healing seminars around the world. These studies measured people’s abilities to work with, feel, transmit and receive light and other electromagnetic frequencies before and after they attended the seminar.

What they found was, in their own words, “dramatic.” Of the more than 100 people who participated in the study, all walked out with permanently expanded healing abilities following the Reconnective Healing seminar, whether they had never studied healing or even if they were masters, master teachers or grandmasters of the various energy healing techniques known today, old or new.

While Dr. Tiller has been measuring the impressive field effects that occur at these seminars and Dr. Schwartz has been focusing his research on those who attend those seminars, Dr. Korotokov has studied both field effects and effects on individual seminar attendees.

Using cutting-edge imaging methodologies and measurement devices, Dr. Korotkov’s research corroborates both Dr. Tiller and Dr. Schwartz’s findings. More specifically, he has measured and documented significant field effects, known as “coherence effects,” that occur while the teaching is conducted at the seminar. These coherence effects catapult to yet higher levels whenever a new concept or exercise is introduced into the seminar, documented by dramatic leaps in both the intensity and size of the seminar room’s field. He theorizes these coherence effects might be the conduit allowing attendees to acquire these new abilities and become master healers in just one short seminar weekend.

What impact are these and other studies on Reconnective Healing having on the scientific and medical community? Traditional science and medicine can no longer approach health and healing in the same manner as they previously have and remain in step with the rest of the world.

New scientific exploration by Drs. Tiller, Schwartz, Korotkov, Baldwin, Blair and others, as well as what is documented in Dr. Pearl’s internationally bestselling book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, are validating the powerful effects that this new spectrum of energy, light and information can have on people.

This may not only be showing us a new level of healing, it may also be opening a doorway to the next level of human evolution, where instantaneous healing and regeneration are simple, everyday facts of life, simple, everyday miracles.

James J. Hurtak, Ph.D,Ph.DSocial Scientist and Futurist. Author of over twenty books including the bestseller “The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®,” which has been translated into ten languages. Founder and President of the international Academy for Future Science.


Our galactic body of creation controls its renewing functions through meridian axiatonal lines, which are the equivalent of acupuncture lines that can connect with resonating star systems.

When Man can discover the connection between his life space and the axiatonal grids controlling the body through endless cell division, Man will have a new super-science known as medical astronomy.

The axial lines are part of a fifth-dimensional circulatory system combining color and sound, which are used to draw from the Overself body the basic energy used for the renewing functions of the human evolutionary body or DNA.

Hence, the axiatonal lines can be used for the complete regeneration of an organ when activated by the proper energies.

These grids are organized to exchange genetic information throughout the body through a network of messenger cells, which are passed on to any part of the body. In other words, through axiatonal grids there is provided the key framework that is necessary for the proper formation of a new limb, organ, etc. This grid network within the body is connected with the spinal column, which is the major antenna for the grounding of Light signals.

Just as the cell can be split, the whole spinal column network can be split by axiatonal lines into any number of parallel body networks because the spinal column couples all of the seven major fields of the body (the chakras) in relation to the primitive brain stem and the cerebral cortex.

Axiatonal Lines are vibratory lines which connect levels of human electrochemical activity with astrobiological circuits that span the solar system and are connected with resonating star systems. The axiatonal lines connect the acupuncture mapping of the human biological system with superior astrological analogs.

William Tiller, PhD Professor Emeritus of Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science, Fellow of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science and star of the recent What the Bleep films.


With Reconnective Healing many kinds of energy and light are flowing through the healer and into the healee [sic]. In other words, what we’re talking about is bringing it beyond just what has been classically known as energy healing into a broader spectrum of energy, light and information.”

Interestingly, we now know that the body heals through frequency, vibration and resonance and it’s communicated through light. So the fact the Reconnective frequencies contain an element of light is very significant. In 1970, a German scientist, Fritz-Albert Popp made an interesting discovery while researching causes of cancer, that our DNA emits a certain level light and that it uses frequencies of every variety as an information tool, which suggests that the body’s biofeedback system depends on light waves. He found that the light was responsible for photorepair of cells, and carcinogens cause cancer because they permanently block this light and scramble it so the photorepair can no longer work. When we are ill, our light waves are out of synch. Further info in “The Field” by Lynne McTaggart.

Dr Tiller continues: “We did an experiment with one of Eric’s healing workshops in Sedona last February and the data that we gathered was quite remarkable. First of all, we found that when we started monitoring the room, which was about five hours before anyone – any of Eric’s crew, or Eric himself, or the healees [sic] – ever came into the room, we measured a higher gauge symmetry state than in normal reality. It was already a conditioned space! So something had happened before people even gathered. That space was set up, and that made it easy then for healers to work.

As we continued to monitor that space, we found two days later the increase in this effective energy content was huge. Let me put it in terms that might be understandable. If we look at a normal reality and we say ‘What is the effective temperature increase for that normal space, how much must it go up to give the same excess energy content as was in Eric’s workshop two days after he started?’ The effective temperature increase for a normal space would have been 300 degrees Centigrade! That is huge!”

Papers on his energy healing work, including distance healing, can be found at www.tiller.org His work with Reconnective Healing is discussed in his latest book, Psychoenergetic Science: A Second Copernican-Scale Revolution.

Gary Schwartz, PhD author of “The Living Energy Universe”, Professor of Psychology, Surgery, Medicine, Neurology, and Psychiatry Director, Center for Frontier Medicine in Biofield Science Director, Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health University of Arizona.


The Human Energy Systems Laboratory, which Gary Schwartz previously directed, conducted four carefully designed, controlled experiments to determine whether Reconnective Healing energy was something basic science in the laboratory could prove. In the studies Eric Pearl and two of his students served as senders while volunteers acted as receivers. The first test showed that blindfolded subjects could detect the energy up to 83 percent of the time. The second showed that the energy functions like an electromagnetic signal, Schwartz reported. The third showed that the sender’s heart wave, measured by electrocardiogram (EKG) imprints itself on the receiver’s brainwave, measured by electroencephalogram (EEG), particularly when the sender intends to send the energy.

“Most significant in this third experiment,” Schwartz says, “is that whether or not the receiver was consciously aware of the energy, the EKG imprinted just the same, so there is unconscious energy detection that can be recorded electromagnetically.” The fourth experiment recorded the brainwaves and eye movements of 30 subjects under three different conditions. The lab is still analyzing data from the fourth experiment.

Richard Gerber, MD is the author of the 1988 book, Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves, a publication that has been reviewed as ‘landmark’ and ‘encyclopedic’, and in many ways bridges the gap between science and esoteric healing.


Vibrational medicine is a diagnostic and healing approach to illness using energy in various forms and frequencies. It is the first scientific approach I’ve seen that is able to integrate science and spirituality, something that has unfortunately been left out of the medical model. It’s only by viewing the body as a multi-dimensional energy system that we begin to approach how the soul manifests through molecular biology, if you will. At one point in the evolution of human beings, our meridians were once connected to what’s called an axial tonal line and grid system. Which actually connects to higher dimensional energy matrices that extend beyond the etheric body and which may hold a perfect pattern of health and balance. This may be the area where Reconnective Healing may really work. In reconnecting our meridians to these axial tonal lines and grid network.

Konstantin KorotkovProfessor of Physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University, Russia was a keynote speaker at our Los Angeles Mastery Conference in October 2009. He has studied Human Energy Fields for over 40 years and his research team has developed a camera that is able to photograph these energy fields.


The GDV, or Gas Discharge Visualization, Korotkov says, “makes the old Kirlian cameras look like a bicycle compared to a Mercedes.” His work has vast implications and applications in the fields of medicine, psychology, biophysics, genetics, forensic science, agriculture and ecology, to name just a few. Papers on Reconnective Healing by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Gary Schwartz and WilliamTiller have been published in Russian and will soon be translated and available to us.

Korotkov said: “I was skeptical last year when The Reconnection approached me but after seeing the results of the testing we did at the 2008 conference I have no doubt that this is a new step in human development.”

“Reconnective Healing is absolutely different than other healing modalities. From the experiments we have reached a very important conclusion: When we do Reconnective Healing we tremendously change the environment.”

“Testing done before and after healing shows a very large difference” “Different people have different results, some have higher results than others” “One person tested was adding another energy healing technique while doing Reconnective Healing and he is the only one who’s results dropped” This shows us that adding anything to Reconnective healing tends to diminish the outcome. This is exactly what Eric has been teaching over the years.

“When people are involved in this healing, they are also receiving self healing”