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The Frequencies that are Healing our World

After eight years of doing this amazing work, I’ve learned to place no limits on what is possible during these sessions and neither should you.

Something very real is happening when we attune to these frequencies. Something I consider miraculous, and I feel blessed and humbled to serve as an antenna for anyone reaching out for this activation/healing/reconnecting.

For some of you, these sessions will feel like a turbo booster to your already awakening consciousness. Some will start to heal in profound ways they never imagined possible, while others will simply experience a nice relaxing sensation, maybe feel lighter, more invigorated, and even feel more at peace within themselves.

I can’t predict what you will experience during a session, nor can I predict what type of healing, if any, will unfold in your life afterward. But over the years I have learned to accept that people receive what they need to receive during these sessions. So if you are OK with that, then I look forward to meeting you in the field and let’s see what happens.

How It All Started

This story would make for an amazing science fiction movie if it wasn’t really happening. But as crazy as all this is going to sound, this is really happening.

Remembering Who I AM

This is my story of how I discovered these frequencies for myself and how they allowed me to let go of my fear and step into my own knowing of who I am and why I am here on this planet.


You are More than just You!

What if you had a personal guide or mentor to help you maneuver your way through this adventure on Earth. One with the wisdom of a thousand guru's always providing you with the perfect advice at the perfect time.  You do!


What Is Light & Information?

These might sound like abstract concepts but this is literally how our cells communicate with each other. And once we understand this and teach our children this big pharma is done. 

Scientific Proof

Even the Scientists are telling us that something very profound is happening to us and our world when we bring these frequencies into our awareness. We are literally healing ourselves and our world.


Reconnecting Strings

The Multiverse theory and String theory might sound abstract and somewhat absurd, but there is clearly something happening in our reality.  Are we becoming conscious of more than one reality? This video goes so deep down the rabbit hole, I'm sure most of you will assume I have lost my mind 🙂


It's Time to Tune In

Once you bring these frequencies into your awareness once, you will be able to access them any time you wish.


I think this Hopi prophecy perfectly describes what we see unfolding in our world. It's time to stop looking outside for a leader.