Daily Sessions (Upgrade Group)

Upon signing up you will receive an email with the current month’s schedule.   Pick and choose which sessions fit in with your work schedule.  Try to participate (by laying down in a quiet comfortable place) in at least three sessions a month.

If you would like me to send you an automated text 30 min before each session, just send me and email with the phone number you would like to use to receive text reminders.  (Sorry, but the text reminders only work with US numbers)

You can cancel at any time through my site, or just email me and I’ll take care of it asap.

If you want to try the daily sessions for 30 days without signing up, email me at case@333reconnect.com and I will send you an invoice for one month, and the daily schedule.

If you’re wondering how these daily sessions will effect your life , I encourage you to participate in one of my Monthly Tune-up group sessions first, and see how you feel.  You’ll know then if these are right for you 

I have priced this monthly Upgrade Sessions at $113.33 a month.   Obviously not everyone drawn to participating can afford this particular “energy exchange”,  so please feel free to email me at (case@333reconnect.com) and maybe we can figure  out a price that fits into your budget   

I will be meeting you in the field soon!

Peace and love to you and yours