The Volunteers
“The Volunteers” is the preface to my book which is taking forever to write.  This short story describes what I believe is happening on the planet.  With my daughter’s input and patience we created this video version of “The Volunteers”.  


Synchronicities & Reconnecting
with your Higher Self

My life has become a continual flow of synchronicities.  I have no doubt these daily/hourly synchronicities I am experiencing are a “form” of communication/confirmation from my Higher Self.  The less I rationalize these subtle urges away, the more magic and ease comes into my life.


The Proof I Had Been Waiting For

This was my first video ever.  I created this video because there were so many people freaking out over these alternative memories.  Fear had taken over many of those searching for how and why this is happening.  So I made this video to offer another perspective. I just wanted to say relax and enjoy these revelations.  We have been waiting a long time for this moment.


“The Mandela Effect” You Can’t Handle the Truth, or Can You

This was my second video. It touches on most of the concepts on my site, but goes a little deeper down the rabbit hole concerning the idea that some of us have volunteered to come to Earth to help others with this awakening, this shift in consciousness that is spreading around the planet.

Are we Living in a Holographic World?

I believe on a daily basis we have experiences that defy the Newtonian Laws, the “Matter Based” concepts that we consider the foundation for our understanding of reality. These everyday occurrences cause me to question everything I have been taught.  Does matter create consciousness or does consciousness create matter?  My conclusion is consciousness creates matter.


What Is This “Field” That Connects Us All?

Nothing I say will make any sense to anyone unless they can conceptualize this field of consciousness that connects everything. You can call it God/Love/Universe/Source/All that is, it doesn’t’ mater. We are all connected through this field. This video discusses some experiments, information an stories that will help you begin to understand for yourself how we are all connected.

What is the Truth?

Your beliefs are the filter that you view the world through.  Whatever they are they will limit and define how you perceive the world.  It doesn't matter what you believe, the world will always reflect back to you the proof you need to validate your beliefs.  What do you want to believe?


ATTN: Old Souls

A friendly reminder to old souls that it’s time to wake up and own who you are and why you are here.  Also to remind you to never dim your light for anyone!